About Us

PARS Invest is a multi-business investment company headquartered out of Istanbul, Turkey. PARS Invest focuses its investments in the capital markets, real estates and energy sectors of flourishing economies in the Eastern Europe and Middle East region. Although PARS concentrates its activities regionally, the company aspires to be Global in its ultimate focus. 

PARS Invest is playing a catalytic role between Eastern Europe and Middle East and cash-rich but opportunity missing comprises developers, brokers and advisors on energy, real estate, capital market and related investment projects, in addition to conducting in-depth economic, market and investment research and risk analysis for its proprietary as well as clients account.

PARS Invest draws its strength from a dynamic and professional team that uniquely combines local knowledge, international experience and a wealth of domestic and foreign contacts.

PARS invest is an affiliate Company of AIS Group. AIS Group is an investment services company pursuing investment opportunities for its proprietary accounts and investors' mostly in Turkey as well as throughout the peripheral region. The company is head quartered in London with support and representative offices (subsidiaries also) in Istanbul, Budapest, Bucharest and Malta. The company is managed and run by a team of dedicated and experienced professionals with a proven track record in the sector. The company recently identified energy project and environmental issues as niche areas to establish expertise with financial angle (for client services purposes) and to undertake investments for and on behalf of proprietary capital. 

Vision & Mission 

To be recognized as a regional expert in the provision of high quality business, and investment services in distressed opportunities.

Our philosophy is to focus all our energy to be as near perfect as possible, in order to evaluate outstanding deal-flow in a broader range of sectors. 

With an investment team composed of well-exposed international professionals, Pars Invest aims to identify business opportunities that match latent market needs.