Business Segment

Business Segment

Financial Markets

PARS INVEST is AIS Group's international business development and investment arm in the territories of Eastern Europe and Middle East. The Company aims to attract financial resources and carry out investment projects and also seeks both to make direct investments and to act on an agency/advisory basis on behalf of individuals and companies undertaking investment in the region. Its main businesses cover investments in real estates, energy and financial services. 


Energy Segment has identified the following sectors as key focus areas for its investment activities: electricity generation, transmission & distribution; LNG import & export; alternative energy and carbon emissions trading-related opportunities. The company also comprises developers, brokers and advisors on energy. 

Real Estate 

PARS INVEST has a primary investment focus on various real estate projects, most of which will be in mass housing projects in the cities where there is supply/demand mismatch. The Company invests in real estate and land development projects that provide the opportunity to create and capture value, consequently PARS INVEST is responsible for directing all phases of development including design, planning, financing, construction, leasing, and management.